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Visa to Ukraine NEW RULES PDF Print E-mail

    On September 10, 2011 it`s introduced a new procedure of obtaining visas for foreigners in Ukraine, and it`s abolished many types of visas. Thus, at present there are 3 types of visas: transit, short-term, long-term.

Visa to Ukraine (types) PDF Print E-mail

            As it is accepted in the most countries all over the world, foreigners and persons without documents for citizenship in Ukraine are obliged to get visa, if they want to enter Ukraine. Depending on the purpose of the visit and theterms of staying in Ukraine, visasdiffers by the procedure of receipt and terms of issue.

Tourist visa to Ukraine

       Tourists from some countries (To find more detail look at this table) are obliged to get visa permission if they want to visit Ukraine.

       The order entrance to Ukraine, unfortunately, is regulated very superficially, that is why sometimes it causes situations when it may be used incorrect by foreign touristsor Ukrainian officials as well.

      Tourist visa looks as an embassy or council mark in the passport, which gives theright to enterUkraine due to thetourist aims.

       The typesof tourism isspecified  by the Ukrainian law “About tourism”, it includes: child's one, youth, domestic, for senior persons, for disabled persons as well, cultural, cognitive, sanatory, medical, sporting, religious, environmental, rural, subaquatic, mountain,adventure, hunting,automotive, etc.

Tourist voucher PDF Print E-mail

     Tourist voucher is an obligatory document for opening tourist visa in the Ukrainian embassy. This document comes forward as an agreementwith the Ukrainian tourist company and the client, it comes as guarantee for all services, and suppose the whole range of responsibility given by the tourist company during the client’s trip on the territory of Ukraine.

Insurance for foreigners PDF Print E-mail

     According to Ukrainian legislation o each foreigner is obliged to be insured during his stay on the territory of Ukraine. This requirement applies to all types of visas.
     On the basis of Art. 16 of the Law of Ukraine "On Tourism" travel insurance is obligatory and is realized on the basis of contracts with insurance companies. At the poles it is must be provided for the provision of medical care when the insured event in the country (place) of their temporary residence, insurance shall be effected only once during the entire trip.

Recommendations for tourists while staying in Ukraine: PDF Print E-mail

1.  All tourists must have passport while staying in Ukraine.
2.  Foreign tourists are required to leave the territory of Ukraine in time or within the period indicated by visa.
3.  This type of visa provides the right to visit Ukraine solely for tourism, without the right to work in Ukraine.

Responsibility of Foreigners and statelless persons PDF Print E-mail

     Foreigners and stateless persons enjoy all the rights and they are in charge like all the citizens of Ukraine. There are certain norms in the field of immigration law In connection with the specific status of foreigners.


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