Tourist visa to Ukraine

       Tourists from some countries (To find more detail look at this table) are obliged to get visa permission if they want to visit Ukraine.

       The order entrance to Ukraine, unfortunately, is regulated very superficially, that is why sometimes it causes situations when it may be used incorrect by foreign touristsor Ukrainian officials as well.

      Tourist visa looks as an embassy or council mark in the passport, which gives theright to enterUkraine due to thetourist aims.

       The typesof tourism isspecified  by the Ukrainian law “About tourism”, it includes: child's one, youth, domestic, for senior persons, for disabled persons as well, cultural, cognitive, sanatory, medical, sporting, religious, environmental, rural, subaquatic, mountain,adventure, hunting,automotive, etc.

        We should warn foreign tourists, that it is categorically forbidden to handle any activities which could be paid on theterritory of Ukraine,please, notice for your tourists information about state responsibility concerningdeparture in time.

       The term of stayingin Ukraineshouldnot exceed theterm indicated in thetourist visa, usually it is about 1 month. Be careful, tourist visa may be given only for one entrance to Ukraine, in case even short exit from the territory of Ukraine, it will be impossible come back on the basis of this visa.

       To receipt visa permission tourists from some countries with which visa regime is set should implement the row of strict requirements specified by normative and legal acts.

       To make tourist visa to Ukraine it is obligatory to submit the pack of documents to the Ukrainian embassy or council in the country of stay, there are:


  1. filled form
  2. agreement on tourist service with the tourist company
  3. insurance for the whole period of staying in Ukraine
  4. hotel booking approval form
  5. original of passport
  6. paid consulage

       For some countries due to thegrowing amount of unconscientious by foreign tourists requirements are rather toughened. In every special case there are additional requirementsfor getting tourist visa to Ukraine (such as return ticket or financial state confirmation).

       Final decision about visa will be made on the basis of the interwiev which is obligatory for all tourists from the countries with visa regime (the list mentioned above).  The causes of refuse may be rather different, starting from the doubtful character of given documents, some violations from the side ofthe travel agency made before, tourist discourteous behavioretc. Embassy officials have the right not to inform about the reasons of the refuse. In case of the refuse, the next chance to supply the documents will appear not earlier than in a year. But, if the tourist will get tourist visa it is possible to enter Ukraine.

       Please note, employees ofthefrontier service may ask toconduct additional interview with tourists while they are passing passport control.During the interview  Ukrainian officials may ask some details about thetouroperator specified in the invitation,about the aim of visit,program, place of residence,also they have all rights to examinedocuments on the basis of which tourist is riding to Ukraine.

       In case of someviolations or mistakesin documents from the side of the travel agency, such as contradiction concerning the aim of arrival, absenceof thefinancial support, problems with  the place of residence etc.,state frontier servicemay accept the decision to cancel tourist visa, also they may send tourist back.Turning out  may beproduced at the expense of theinviting tourist company or at the expense of the tourist  themselves. Money spent for ticketsand visawill not return.

       There is no clear procedure to appeal the decision of the state frontier service. Tourists can appeal  with a complaints when they return to the country of stay. During a stay in Ukraine tourists are not obliged to register in the state organs. Please, be carefulwhile choosing the travel agency which will organize your trip to Ukraine.

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